Visa fullständig version : Nova 67ss från allra första V8án

2009-01-02, 03:04
Gjorde en enklare presentation på Steve´s nova forum, så jag tänkte jag skulle göra likaledes här, OK?

Sweden early summer of -82
Me and my Firebird 400" street screamer...


Finaly I´ve learned how to post pic´s....

Hi Anders !
Have you posted this one before, showing a young and muscular Mr Forsberg in front of your BB 1972 Nova musclecar ?


There is more to come !

Take care
Anders Stålklint

Anders (Nova67SS) has always been serious about his musclecars as evidenced by the clean undercarriage.


This is what the competition saw of the Nova !


An even younger (thirty years ago ?) Anders F. with the 400 cui engine used in the Firebird.


Whenever I wonder about something car-related I just pick up the phone and ask Anders for help. It´s as simple as that !

Take care
Anders S.

Ps. at a party some years ago all of us guys (five) were named Anders. That made it easy for the women. Ds :D

2009-01-02, 03:05
Oh jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz Those Pic´s was almost forgotten in a dark room, cause the "gangs" in my home town did joke allot about mee after this...

I beat them on the streets and strip but they got me on the jokes´´ :D

Anders, ur one of my loong term friends and I always have time for my friends..

But Waday meen? "showing a young and muscular Mr Forsberg" ???

Im still a "Young" man http://i489.photobucket.com/albums/rr257/Nova67ss/Vggstttor.jpg

And Still going strong :D shorter hair and more "salt than pepper" and x2 smarter than I was at 25 years and. and . and. getting old yes hehehehehe

But I got a "clone" growing up to take the Nova´s to the computer age soon..

2009-01-02, 03:06
Annother NON official pic from my privat album (still ban scan)

Its the BB engine in my -72 nova and a pic from the railroad station witch was the reason for this village to exists.. it was a railroad junction.. in the middle of Sweden outback from civilisation..


2009-01-02, 03:07
Så här såg "Birden" ut när jag köpte den. våren -78? tror jag
The "Bird" as it looked when I bought it spring -78?

Burnout skulle göras för att markera reviret hehehe
Burnouts done to mark territory :D

Sen var det dax för mera effekt, så portning är en väg, så själv är duktigaste drängen, lillebror hjälpte oxå till med diverse rengöring osv..
Soon it was time for more HP and I´ve read about porting job, hm U are the best "slave" with right motivation, My young brother helped from time to time..

Test av slicks inför race´t som aldrig blev..
The slicks test for the race that did´nt happen..

2009-01-02, 03:08
One of the first race with and "outsider" (city slicker) and I tosted him :D


Remember stil ALL STOCK firebird..

Now I "shoot down" a buddy of mine, and he had a headstart too, I had now a 4.11:1 limited slip in rear ( I broke the rear gear before) still stock engin/trans... added slapperbars from scratch.


This was a thrill but I managed to get out on top, barrely a 440 is a fast car

Lots of people came a watched, soon there was crowds with about 2-300 people and up to 60 cars racing a quick ladder, then match race´s :D lots of fun..

Hope to get the dia pic´s scanned later in spring..

Så då har ni fått lite och titta på :D

2009-01-02, 03:08
The Bird today, still lives a good life in the hands of Peter, and he takes realy good care of the car and have resored and developed the car more back to the streets. shoul have been about 6-10 owners after me before Peter got his skilled hands on this rare bird.. Thank GOD for that..


2009-01-08, 11:52
Did help out when my pals wanted lessons in driving there cars before licens, This got me oportunity to "check out" competitor cars strong and weak sides :D

This was a mustang with a 351 cleaveland 4V with 4 on the floor and 9" in rear. took of like a rocket (I thought) when I bouth drove it myself AND got the ovner lessons and race instruktion on why and how U do things to win race..

So when he got his drivers licens he was eager to challenge me :eek: :rolleyes: And I thought "Im going down now".... but :cool:

We raced bouth direktion back and force I dropped him dead every time, seems like the wiolent gearshifts in a stickshift car does´nt catch a good auto tranny..
Later this summer I whent to track and tried cristmas tree for the first time and got hooked

2009-07-20, 20:41
Är racebilderna från Brattvälten?

2009-10-05, 09:45
Ursäkta det långsamma svaret, Jo bilderna är från Brattvälten UTOM det när jag kör på granen, det är från Långsele.

Sen är det lite från industri området, centralstn o badplatsen i ånge, samt ett industri område i Timrå, då bilen var svartlackad.

2009-10-07, 17:39
Lite synd att du inte hade MPH istället för HPM som regskylt på novan :)

Men å andra sidan hade det kanske varit lite tråkigt att ha GAY istället för GYA på pontiacen....

Men fräna "det var på den tiden vi..." bilder :)

2009-10-08, 23:32
Tackar :D

Kan komma bli fler senare i vinter..

2009-10-09, 21:32
Höll du på med streerace Anders? tss, tss. Det får man ju inte göra ;) :D

2009-10-13, 00:18
Preskriberings tiden har gått ut hehehe

2009-12-03, 02:14
Lite tillverkning och detalj bilder på "nya" novan :D

Vxl spaken i mixad consol orginal+lite eget+ Quicksilver från B&M


Batterifrånskiljaren är viktig för race men ska ju vara diskret oxå.. tas bort till vardags.

Instrumentbräda är oxå lite eget. Covans classic consoll + Autometer + Egen design :D

2011-08-15, 17:52
Har grävt lite i diabilds lådan.. nu får ni dessutom öva på engelskan lite :D

This is one of my favorite cars a Firebird -68 with a ramair V headed engine (possible a ramair V complete engine but I doupt that) It was owned and driven by Nicolas Lawrienco and had a 4 on the floor clas was C/MS (Modified stock) and did 10 sec runs in -80
Did great wheelstands on the 2 first gears
Even got air under the wheels in third gear

Allso the Hooman brothers di run a Firebird -69, in same class but 11 sec times

And I as a youngsters in this, same clas with my Firebird -67 but only in 12 sec range..

Hope U enjoy my walk in memorylane as much as I do :D

2011-08-15, 19:24
Im gona bust U´r brains out, Im in a streak of pics now

Her´s how my brother an I started to assembly my pontiac engine,, "the poncho pontiac 400 "

My brother take´s the word Clean to a higher level, not to get germs (gremblins?) in the build..

Those darn nylon valve steam seal tough to get in place..

And now for the springs.

So my "bro" did one head.

Came out nice and clean

And I did one, U bet I did.. foled U, I did bouth

And now for the bottom end.

And the finnished pics the team "Forzione bros"

All done 3 floors up in my living room and down in the basement, my "garage" was an indoor parkinglot underneath a supermarket, open for customer daily
parking, here drilling for a tacometer bolt.

2011-08-16, 11:50
Sicken nostalgi.

Hur långt ner i lådan låg dessa bilder.

Har du fått blodad tand för pontiac nu?

2011-08-18, 23:18
De låg nere i dialådorna från 79-80-81, har fortfarande flera lådor om 100 dia i varje kvar (dock inte bara race/bil bilder då) sedan några 1000 färg/svart vita negativ att gå igenom, dessutom kan min bror kanske ruva på många klenoder då han fotade mer än mej..

Jag har alltid gillat Pontiac och Chevrolet i första rummet, men istort så är alla amerikanska bilar intressanta från 30 - 90 men jag har ett särskilt gott öga till 65 - 72 GM produkter.. men även Mopar och Ford har snygga modeller..